Integrated Clinic Management System

NephroCare Excellence System

Our clinic management system allows us to offer excellent treatment quality and individualised patient care using resources efficiently. It includes as main elements:

  • EuCliD – our clinical information system
  • NephroCare Balanced ScoreCard
  • Healthcare Services Quality Management System (HS-QMS)
  • Infrastructure

Clinical Information System

EuCliD, one of the largest dialysis databases, is at the forefront of Fresenius Medical Care’s continuous quality improvement programme. It is a clinical information system used to monitor medical aspects of patient care through continuous anonymous data collection and evaluation, thus improving dialysis outcomes. It facilitates the day-to-day work of the clinical staff, integrating processes into the data collection flow.

Directly linked to the dialysis machines, the monitoring system feeds patient data and medical parameters from dialysis sessions into the data management system, which also checks the data for completeness and plausibility.

NephroCare Balanced ScoreCard

The NephroCare Balanced ScoreCard is one of the management instruments of the NephroCare Excellence Programme. It is used to monitor the achievement of performance targets and guide continuous improvement at all organisational levels – from company-wide to a single dialysis centre.

The NephroCare Balanced ScoreCard has strategic objectives based on Fresenius Medical Care’s Quality Policy. In order to ensure compliance with our Quality Policy in all centres, performance indicators are established for each strategic objective, with corresponding targets.

Healthcare Services Quality Management System (HS-QMS)

By implementing the Healthcare Services Quality Management System (HS-QMS) in our dialysis centres, we ensure the provision of dialysis care in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard and the Fresenius Medical Care quality policy :

  • Our quality standards for dialysis services focus on providing patients with the best treatment options according to their needs.
  • We use our own high-quality products, pharmaceuticals and procedures in our centres; these are being continually refined by our research and development team.
  • We provide our patients with comprehensive therapy and medical advice from qualified, highly motivated clinical personnel and physicians
  • We provide a safe environment for both patients and employees in our dialysis centres.
  • We systematically improve our performance and efficiency levels by collecting and comparing our clinical treatment data on an on-going basis, working according to both external and internal quality standards and running our centres in a professional manner.

Specific dialysis-related processes have been implemented in our centres, defining high standards of quality and safety for all centres, for example concerning hygiene and infection control, good dialysis care, water, concentrate and dialysis fluid for haemodialysis and related therapies.

NephroCare centre designed for you

A well-designed and correctly operated dialysis centre is a key factor in providing the best treatment for patients.

For the construction of new centres or refurbishment of existing locations a detailed analysis is performed, aiming at optimisation of the dialysis process and ensuring that all safety requirements are met.

In each country, Fresenius Medical Care has a specific group of experts in charge of maintaining contact with the corporate departments and ensuring the development of safer, greener and more efficient facilities.

Take a short virtual tour of our NephroCare centre and get a first impression of our way of caring.

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