Clinical information system

Clinical information

Euclid was a mathematician. He was a collector of information and his life dates back more than two millennia. His passion: to compile the knowledge of his time in the form of mathematical facts. In doing so he also laid the cornerstone for the development of geometry. 

Fresenius Medical Care also has a Euclid, or, EuCliD to be precise. This is the name of the clinical data management system which collects information and gathers your clinical data as you have chosen to receive dialysis treatment at the Fresenius Medical Care centres. 

In the last twelve years, more than 88,000 patients in about 730 dialysis centres have contributed, by supplying their clinical data anonymously, to optimising your dialysis treatment. 

The aim of this complex system of data management can be summarised briefly: to continuously improve the quality of dialysis treatment. 

Therefore, the advantages for each patient are obvious:

  • Any new experience about the treatment of kidney disease in one of our centres can be used immediately in another facility anywhere in our huge NephroCare network. 
  • Patients who travel or move within the NephroCare network can rely on the fact that all the information about their treatment will be available directly in their new centre.


  • All data is collected under strict adherence to data protection regulations and is stored anonymously to prevent identification of individual patients.
  • By giving us your consent to collect your treatment data, you can also help to improve the quality of life for all patients in our NephroCare network.