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Haemodialysis is the most common form of renal replacement therapy. Within our Fresenius Medical Care centres three different treatment options can be applied:

Standard haemodialysis (HD)

In standard haemodialysis the principle of diffusion is used to remove waste products from your blood. 

Diffusion is the movement of solutes from a solution with higher concentration (blood) to a solution of lower concentration (dialysate) across a semipermeable membrane. Only the molecules smaller than the membrane pore sizes can move from the blood to the dialysate compartment.

Waste products and electrolytes in the blood are removed from the body by passing through the membrane into the dialysate.

Haemodiafiltration (HDF)

In haemodiafiltration the principle of convection is used in addition to diffusion to remove excess fluid and waste products from your body. 

During haemodiafiltration, the dialysis machine can remove more water from your body than in standard haemodialysis but this loss of fluid is then instantaneously replaced, equally or less, by an electrolyte solution.

In order to achieve the full benefits of the HDF therapy the amount of water exchange should be maximised. This requires a new therapeutic approach which we call HighVolumeHDF®.

HighVolumeHDF® - helping you to make the most of your life

HighVolumeHDF®, with its numerous positive effects on dialysis-related cardiovascular risk factors, is currently acknowledged as the most effective dialysis treatment coming closest to the physiological function of the normal kidney.1

HighVolumeHDF® is credited with more effective elimination of larger molecules. And at the same time it is a more tolerable and comfortable treatment modality. This special therapy form is possible with the advanced and innovative products coming from Fresenius Medical Care.

The benefits of HighVolumeHDF® for you:

  • Reduced risk of hypotension (blood pressure drop) during dialysis2
  • Less medication due to reduction of EPO³ and Phosphate binders4
  • Less fatigue, headache, nausea, weakness due to improved anaemia control5
  • Less days in hospital2
  • Decreased inflammation4

Fresenius Medical Care is focusing on continuous development and advancement to meet the changing requirement of dialysis today.

Therefore, we are constantly striving to offer HighVolumeHDF® in all our Fresenius Medical Care centres.


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