Specialised professionals

Specialised professionals

There is much more to renal replacement therapy than just dialysis. The training, education and continuous qualification of the employees have a direct impact on the quality of care delivered to the patients. In a clinical setting, where technology is an important component, the staff actually delivering the care represent the human and emotional link with the patients and as such are very important for patient compliance and well-being. A productive mix of continuous training programmes, study events and conference participation help keep staff up to date with the latest medical developments as well as organisational requirements and procedures. By developing our staff, we improve the quality of our service.

Training and education

A prerequisite for the best therapies is the understanding and experience necessary to administer them to their fullest advantage.


Getting the most out of cutting-edge technology requires extensive knowledge and experience about its application in practice. Beyond the regulatory training requirements, we have extensive experience in state-of-the-art training methods. Our combined experience from countless regional training workshops ensures that events are designed to be directly relevant to daily practice situations.


Keeping up to date with the very latest developments in dialysis care is a must for any dialysis professional. Our physicians and nurses participate in local and international events each year. Besides the direct training in new technologies and applications, these events also serve as an invaluable forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences with other dialysis specialists.