Environmental sustainability: Terrassa

Terrassa – making dialysis greener

Fresenius Medical Care has been working for years on becoming more environmentally friendly. In 2007, a first Environmental Programme was set up with the aim of giving further emphasis to this important aspect of our services. Within the framework of this programme, consumption targets for water and electricity as well as contaminated waste have been defined and checked on a monthly basis.

The new dialysis centre in Terrassa is another milestone in our quest to make dialysis more sustainable and efficient. Terrassa is the first eco-sustainable dialysis centre in Spain and one of the few in Europe with energy certification class A. It pursues a holistic approach to making dialysis more sustainable, which makes it a pioneer in this field.

A lot of thought was put into the architecture of the building, using recycled and locally produced material for its construction and allowing a lot of natural light to enter into the interior through inner courtyards; thereby sparing resources and contributing to energy savings. The inner courtyards also bring natural ventilation into the building.

Furthermore, energy demand is reduced with the help of more than 70 solar panels, a centralised heating system working with biomass pellets and the availability of energy saving lamps. The green roof and the use of low emissivity glass in aluminium windows without a thermal bridge reinforce the thermal insulation of the building.

Thanks to the use of Fresenius Medical Care’s state-of-the-art devices the water consumption is reduced considerably. In addition, the surplus water from the water treatment system in Terrassa is used to flush the WCs, and not only to water the green roof of the dialysis centre, but also a number of parks in Terrassa. Moreover, the air conditioning devices and the power generator, commonly installed on the roofs of buildings in Spain, are installed in the cellar of the dialysis centre to reduce the acoustic and visual impact.

The centre was officially opened on June 27, 2014, and is capable of treating more than 250 dialysis patients. About 40 healthcare professionals working at the centre ensure an optimal dialysis treatment for each patient. Despite our commitment to protecting the environment, the patients and their specific needs always come first. Therefore, the Terrassa dialysis centre was not only built in an environmentally friendly manner, but also in a way that ensures the highest quality of the dialysis services. For instance, in the dialysis rooms, linear light fittings were installed at 1.20 m from the wall to guarantee optimal light during connection and disconnection and all spaces are designed in a way that increases the well-being of our patients.

We are proud of our constant advances in reducing the environmental impact of dialysis while maintaining and improving the high quality dialysis services our patients expect from us.