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On my weekends, I

  • take a cup of tea rather than a cup of coffee, as this is lower in potassium.
  • choose rice or pasta instead of potatoes.
  • favour cooked vegetables, and only eat small portions of salad.
  • eat compote rather than fresh fruits.
  • do not choose soups and sauces/gravy.

When I want to snack, I

  • snack on cucumber and carrot sticks with a freshly prepared dip.
  • choose unsalted popcorn, pretzels, rice crisps, or crackers.
  • try bread sticks instead of chips.
  • enjoy a hard candy if I am looking for a sweet treat.

When I shop, I

  • prepare a shopping list to get everything I need, and to avoid temptations.
  • shop for fresh food instead of ready prepared/processed food. For example meats and sausages, fresh from the counter.
  • read the labels on food packs to avoid “E numbers” and ingredients that sound like “phosphate” and “potassium”.

When I cook, I

  • cook fresh as often as I can.
  • reduce salt as much as possible, and I switch to herbs and spices.
  • avoid salt substitutes or low-sodium products.
  • use 1/3 cream and 2/3 water instead of milk to lower phosphate intake, and I make freshly brewed coffee instead of instant coffee to lower my potassium uptake.

When I feel thirsty, I

  • use small cups and glasses and drink slowly.
  • rinse my mouth or gargle with lukewarm water.
  • put a half slice of lemon in my mouth up to 4 times a day.
  • use sugar-free chewing gum.
  • prepare ice cubes with droplets of lemon or sour fruit juice.

When I am out for the day, I

  • still have my breakfast at home so I leave with sufficient energy.
  • take a snack along, like a sandwich.
  • take my medication, such as phosphate binders, with me.
  • choose a restaurant where I can find suitable dishes.

When I enjoy my meal, I

  • make sure I get enough energy.
  • only eat small amounts of dishes which are not ideal for my diet.
  • do not add extra salt and pepper to my food.
  • remember to take my phosphate binders as prescribed.

When I prepare vegetables and potatoes, I

  • dice and soak them in lukewarm water for 2 hours and change the water once during cooking.
  • discard the soaking and cooking water and don’t use it to prepare sauces or other dishes.
  • do not salt the cooking water, as it makes it harder for potassium to diffuse into the water.

On my dialysis day, I

  • make sure I get three meals and two snacks.
  • take along a suitable snack, like a sandwich.
  • eat my snack preferably during the first hour of dialysis.
  • drink maximum one cup of liquids during treatment.
  • watch my phosphate and potassium intake – dialysis days are not an exception!

If I need to gain weight, I

  • treat myself with fat rich foods.
  • can afford to add an extra spoonful of oil to my dishes.
  • prepare energy rich snacks, like pancakes or French toasts.
  • add a third snack after dinner.

You can use these cards to support your knowledge about important aspects regarding your nutrition. Take them out every now and then, and read through them.

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