NephroCare Philosophy

Our NephroCare approach

With NephroCare, Fresenius Medical Care has the responsibility to support healthcare systems with innovative care concepts, and to provide sustainable, affordable and high quality care for the continuously increasing numbers of chronic renal patients.

Numerous studies prove that chronic kidney disease (CKD) management contributes significantly to ensuring that patients entering dialysis are healthier, thereby reducing costs for treating chronically ill renal patients and improving life expectancy.

The NephroCare philosophy is to:

  • Fulfil Fresenius Medical Care’s responsibility to create a future worth living for renal patients
  • Support prevention and slow down the progression of CKD
  • Provide enhanced renal patient care based on the national and international guidelines
  • Foster close, transparent cooperation between nephrologists, hospitals, general practitioners (GPs), suppliers of medical care and patients
  • Empower patients with chronic kidney disease to help them to a better tomorrow, positioning NephroCare as a reliable partner

Specialised professionals

NephroCare´s specialised professionals know there is much more to renal replacement therapy than just dialysis and transplantation. Training, education and continuous qualification processes have a direct impact on the quality of care delivered to the patients.

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NephroCare Excellence System

NephroCare is an explicit commitment to excellence in renal care. Our vision of excellence consists of our highly committed specialised professionals, our products, therapies and advanced technology, completed by continuous training and education.

The NephroCare Excellence System brings together all of our quality standards and best practices from different countries.

These standards are crucial to our patients’ quality of life, our employees’ satisfaction and to our commitment to enabling affordable renal therapies for different healthcare authorities.

More about the NephroCare Excellence System

The multidisciplinary dialysis centre

The dialysis centre is led by a medical director specialised in nephrology, and a nursing supervisor, responsible for the management of the medical and nursing staff respectively. Each treatment shift is supervised by a physician (except in the case of a Limited Care Unit (LCU)) and a renal nurse is assigned to realise the dialysis treatment of up to 4-6 patients, depending on the level of assistance required by local regulations. The renal nurses are assisted by healthcare assistants, depending on the country requirements. Depending on their size and location, the dialysis centre may have additional administrative and technical support staff.

A multidisciplinary monthly meeting (Clinic Review) is organised and conducted by the medical director to analyse the overall results and improve the health status of the individual patients; such meetings improve communication and create a shared atmosphere in the care team of the dialysis centre.

Besides the dialysis treatment, NephroCare also provides multi-disciplinary support to those dialysis patients who require the report of a psychologist, dietician or social worker.

On a regional level, a group of NephroCare centres is managed by a regional manager and supported by a regional nurse coordinator, responsible for the training and support of the nursing team.

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