Spotlight: Viraj Chengadu - Area Head of Operations

Viraj’s journey at Fresenius Medical Care has been marked by growth, dedication, and a commitment to putting people with chronic kidney disease at the forefront of his work. As the Area Head of Operations, Viraj plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of multiple clinics, a position that has evolved over time. We caught up with Viraj to hear about his career path, his thoughts on working at Fresenius Medical Care, and the valuable insights he has to offer to those aspiring to follow a similar path.

A Decade of Dedication

Viraj's tenure at Fresenius Medical Care began in 2012 when he joined as a registered nurse. His journey then led him through roles as a team leader and clinic manager. Over the years, he transitioned into the role of Area Manager, which then led to changes to his title as responsibilities evolved.

His career trajectory took him from the South of England, mainly the London area, working in both Somerset and Ireland area, where he continued to make significant contributions to the organisation.

A Typical Day as Area Head of Operations

‘My day-to-day is primarily focused on operations management and clinic support. I work closely with the managers of the clinics, addressing the challenges they face and ensuring that the clinics run efficiently within our governance framework as well as contributing to performance management.’

Viraj's journey from registered nurse to Area Head of Operations has given him a unique perspective. He emphasises that, despite his role moving away from regular patient contact as it once was, people receiving dialysis therapy remain at the core of his decision-making process. This experience has allowed him to understand and appreciate the importance of each role within the organisation. 

Viraj started in renal care because of his prior experience working in a dialysis unit, which inspired him to continue in the field. This background has given him valuable insights into the nuances of care for those getting treatment.

Navigating Challenges

One of the many things Viraj enjoys the most about his role is finding solutions to improve clinical performance. He relishes overcoming logistical challenges and approaching them with a strategic mindset. It's this passion for tackling issues head-on that drives him in his role.

Support from Fresenius Medical Care

Viraj is quick to acknowledge the support he has received from Fresenius Medical Care. He attributes his progress to the belief his colleagues have in his abilities. Their unwavering support and confidence in his potential have been instrumental in his journey. When asked about what sets Fresenius Medical Care apart from previous organisations he has worked for, Viraj points to the company's focus on compliance and high standards. Clear guidelines and a commitment to maintaining these standards provide clarity and direction, which he finds invaluable.

Advice for Aspiring Area Heads of Operations

To those looking to follow a similar path, Viraj offers valuable advice: ‘They need to be proactive and ambitious. Seizing opportunities, putting themselves out there, and being open to learning and gaining experience. The journey may not follow a linear path, but the diverse experiences you gather along the way will be your greatest assets when progressing in your career.’