Working in the NephroCare team

The multidisciplinary dialysis centre

Our Dialysis Centres are fully Nurse led, each clinic is led by a Clinic Manager, supported by a Deputy Clinic Manager who manage and lead the team.

Each treatment shift is supervised by a Nurse in Charge working with a team of dialysis trained healthcare professionals including Registered Nurses, Dialysis Assistants and in some clinics Healthcare Assistants. Each Nurse, or Dialysis Assistant provides dialysis treatment to an allocated group of patients per shift ranging between 3 – 6 depending on the severity of their illness and support required. Each clinic is supported by a Clinic Secretary, who’s role it is to provide overall administration assistance and are key in ensuring the smooth running of the clinic.

Our nephrologists

are experts in electrolyte disorders management acid-base metabolism, arterial hypertension, auto immune and metabolic diseases and prescribe the patient specific therapy for each of our patients.  

Our nurses

are experts in nephrology nursing and bringing the best 

possible care to our patients. They often build lasting bonds with them and their families. Within their role, our nursing teams treat, educate and support our patients along their journey with dialysis.

Our healthcare assistants

also work directly with patients and their families.

Besides the dialysis treatment, our teams work closely with the multidisciplinary team to ensure that each patient receives the holistic care and support they need across all specialty areas such as psychology, dietetics and social work.

A monthly meeting is organised and conducted with the local Nephrologist and other members to analyse the overall results and improve the health status of each individual patient, such meetings improve communication and create a shared atmosphere and coordinate the care provided at our dialysis centre.

Working in the NephroCare team