Today is Fresenius Medical Care's 25th Anniversary!

This year, the 30th September marks the 25th anniversary of Fresenius Medical Care. Since we were founded in 1996, we have naturally undergone many changes. Our Silver Jubilee is a chance to celebrate the successes of our journey and hear from our longest-standing employees, as without them, the last 25 years would not have been possible.

Over the last 25 years, Fresenius Medical Care has continued to expand. With over 120,000 employees, operating approximately 4,100 dialysis clinics in more than 65 countries, treating about 345,000 patients, we expect to see strong continued growth into the future. Now the global market leader in dialysis therapies and dialysis products, we know we wouldn’t be where we are now without our passionate and hardworking team of staff. We are immensely proud of all our employees, and wanted to take this special opportunity to hear from them about what makes them proud to work at Fresenius Medical Care UK & Ireland.


Tracey Gentry, Purchasing Demand Planner, has been with Fresenius Medical Care UK for 25 years. Over this time, she has seen a lot of change and development, but what has made her stay for so long has been the people in her team. Similar to Tracey, one of the things that Cathy Hutchinson, Clinical Training & Education Lead for the North, is most proud of is working alongside people who are so passionate about their work: “they’re almost like a second family. It’s great to work alongside them to make sure patients are receiving the best quality of care.”


Kathryn Miller is our Contracts Coordinator. She has found immense pride in how her department has responded to the challenging circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. She says, “Everyone pulled together over the pandemic, and although it was hard work, we got through it and continued to deliver with determination.” Laura Bell, our Chief Financial Officer, agrees: “the way everyone came together and adapted makes me proud. We made sure we kept both staff and patients safe throughout and continued to deliver. Our employees have consistently delivered to the best of their ability, and it’s with their hard work and teamwork that our patient care hasn’t faltered.”


Steve Mahoney, Fresenius Medical Care UK’s Head of Commercial Finance, says, “I always feel proud when new clinics open. We invest in our clinics so that they are of the utmost quality, ensuring our patients are receiving the best possible care.” Delyth Timmis, a Senior Clinic Manager, couldn’t pick just one thing, “I’ve loved it all!” We’re particularly excited about our latest new clinic opening in Bridgwater, helping to provide care to patients in the local and surrounding area.


Over the last 25 years, Fresenius Medical Care has constantly improved dialysis technology and introduced new and innovative treatment concepts. The next 25 years will see us using our expertise in digitalisation, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to develop the best possible treatments for our patients, creating a better future for renal healthcare. 


One thing that has remained constant is the care and respect we have for all our staff.

Our 25th Anniversary offers a unique moment of reflection. We’re proud of every person working at Fresenius Medical Care UK for their hard work and dedication. It is because of them that we can consistently provide high-quality care to our patients.