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‘Who asked you?’ Fresenius Medical Care hosts patient pathway session during UK Kidney Week 2019

This year’s UK Kidney Week conference took place between 3rd-5th June in Brighton and attracted an audience of over 1,200 members from the renal community. As a commitment to delivering the highest quality of care to renal patients worldwide, Fresenius Medical Care were proud to present a pop-up session focused on patient empowerment and shared decision making.

Shared Care means working with patients in partnership to engage them in their own treatment. There is evidence to suggest that this encourages patients to take an interest in their care and ultimately promotes a more positive feeling towards their dialysis.

The ‘Who asked you’? campaign aims to demonstrate how by mapping out and exploring the patients journey through CKD, we can make small changes in practice at key points. This, in turn, empowers and enables patients to take control of their care and improve quality of life.

The session was presented by Jean Featherston (Clinic Manager, NephroCare Hull) and Angela Wood (Home Therapies Leader, NephroCare Hull), both FME UK employees who have been integral to driving the shift towards the way we encourage an open dialogue and offer choice to our patients across the UK. All patients are offered the chance to learn more about shared care and to participate in their dialysis treatment. No assumptions are made about their ability or desire to take part.

During the 45-minute pop up session, Jean and Angela not only covered the background to this shift in practice, but also ignited valuable discussions between key opinion leaders within the renal community. Key outputs of the project were presented as improved communication between departments, resulting in patients being supported to make the right decision at the right time for them, an increase in the number of patients involved in Shared Care and an increase in the number of patients choosing to dialyse at home with Home HD.

To continue the momentum on the project, regular audits will be carried out by key members of the team leading the shared care programme to understand how many patients are undertaking aspects of their care.

For further information on the shared care movement, please visit: