Our commitment

Physician and patient looking at tablet
Our NephroCare commitment

Undergoing dialysis can have a substantial impact on a patients’ quality of life. Therefore, one of our goals is to support patients to improve their health, so they can continue what matters most to them.

The NephroCare commits to:

  • Fulfil Fresenius Medical Care’s responsibility to create a future worth living for renal patients
  • Support prevention and slow down the progression of CKD
  • Provide enhanced renal patient care based on the national and international guidelines
  • Foster close, transparent cooperation between nephrologists, hospitals, general practitioners (GPs), suppliers of medical care and patients
  • Empower patients with chronic kidney disease to help them to a better tomorrow, positioning NephroCare as a reliable partner for all stakeholders in healthcare.

The NephroCare Value System is our solution to balance standardised processes and local demands for holistic and fully intergrated renal care systems, which allows the selection of the most suitable approach for each patient in our entire network to provide truly person-centred care.

Patient Engagement

Patient empowerment has a positive impact on patients’ emotional and physical well-being, and consequently, on their behaviour, satisfaction and treatment compliance.
We continuously interact with our patients to understand what matters to them and to support them in health-related topics:
• Introduction to dialysis
• Nutritional education
• Fistula care
• Staying active
• Holiday Dialysis Coordination

For more information please visit our patient section.

Clinic Infrastructure

A key way for us to provide standardised treatment in workflow-orientated settings is to design the best possible clinical pathways, with tailored facility layouts and quality dialysis fluids.
With our clinic infrastructure set-up we aim to facilitate proper hygiene, safety and optimised patient supervision.

Therapies, Products and Medications

With NephroCare, we are able to provide an optimal therapy mix - in center, at home, in hospitals - fitting to our patient population and the needs of healthcare systems.
For tailored therapies our patients benefit from our experience in patient-specific therapy prescriptions with our Fresenius Medical Care products and high-quality medicinal products.
You can benefit from our innovative products and technology – Your wellbeing and safety is always the highest priority.
For further information about our advanced products please refer to the Fresenius Medical Care website.

Physicians and Nurses

Highly-motivated, -trained and -experienced physicians and nurses are key in renal patient care.
In the clinical setting, cutting edge technology and medical expertise are complemented by our staff, providing a human and emotional link with the patients.
Please see our treatment options for more information.

Quality Management

High quality in dialysis care improves your clinical outcomes, overall health status, as well as the likelihood of achieving quality care targets.
In order to do this, at NephroCare, the Quality Management System aims to improve the overall quality of your care as well as the employee safety in our units through our structured processes.

A core element of our quality management system consists of corporate directives specifying key requirements for the processes in our NephroCare organisation, e.g. by setting standards for hygiene and infection control, good dialysis care, water, concentrate and dialysis fluid for haemodialysis and related therapies.

Clinical and Operational Performance

At our dialysis units, multidisciplinary teams including physicians, nurses, dieticians and pharmacists work together to provide care to our patients. This approach helps provide sustainable, value-based care.

Highly evolved monitoring tools support our professionals to review and adapt practice in order to give the best possible care to our patients.

Clinic Information System

A key element of providing high quality care is understanding how improvements can be delivered through the use of data. EuCliD®, NephroCare’s proprietary clinical management system provides comprehensive information from each dialysis session, allowing the clinical staff in the NephroCare units to make the right decisions to improve the care provided for each individual patient.

It facilitates the day-to-day work of the clinical staff, integrating processes into the data collection flow.

Directly linked to the dialysis machines, the monitoring system feeds patient data and medical parameters from dialysis sessions into the data management system, which also checks the data for completeness and accuracy.

Data can then be viewed and analysed within EuCliD® itself or in the hospital’s own electronic patient management system.

All data is collected and processed under strict adherence to data protection regulations.