Development Journey: Clinic Manager

Testimonial - Clinic Manager


“A big part of my role is managing the unit, from the staff and stock to making sure everything runs smoothly and the patients are well looked after,” says Nadia Mechkarova, Clinic Manager of the Grimsby Dialysis Unit, “Communication is key, particularly to run the unit in a way that achieves the best quality of care for our patients. Everything I do in my day goes to looking after our patients.”


Nadia joined Fresenius Medical Care in 2010 as a Staff Nurse and has since worked her way up to Clinic Manager, having been promoted at the beginning of 2021. Despite taking on a more managerial role, Nadia still carries out clinical shifts. “Although I’m a manager now, I’m also still a Nurse, and I really enjoy having direct interactions with our patients.” In fact, this is one of Nadia’s favourite things about what she does. “One of the aspects of my job that I find most rewarding is how you feel when the patients are happy. Being able to see what your hard work has achieved, gives me great satisfaction. We always treat each patient with respect and kindness, ensuring they feel as comfortable as possible, so when they come to me or another staff member and say, ‘thank you’, and you can see the gratitude in their eyes – it’s heartening to know that everything has been done correctly and we’ve met their expectations.”


Having been with Fresenius Medical Care for over a decade, it’s clear that Nadia is dedicated to her career with the organisation. She explains that Fresenius Medical Care is brilliant at identifying employees’ unique qualities, helping them to develop and diversify their expertise and qualifications. This gives them the opportunities to step up and progress. “I joined Fresenius Medical Care when I had a nursing diploma, but since then, they gave me the opportunity to do a renal course to build on it, which I took. Even now I am being supported as I work towards my renal degree.”


“I’ve always wanted to learn more and develop my skills. Fresenius Medical Care has given me the chance to do this and progress my studies. They have helped me throughout my career, and I love my job, so I can see myself staying here for many years to come.”


Even during such a challenging year, and in starting a new role during the pandemic, Nadia has felt supported at every turn. “The pandemic in March last year was obviously unexpected, but good planning and safeguards were put in place to ensure our patients' treatment continued as fluidly as possible. It was a challenge for everyone, but we were given the resources to deal with it and received plenty of support."


“So many people choose to remain with Fresenius Medical Care because of the amazing work benefits and opportunities to progress – not to mention how rewarding the job is. If you’re interested in having a career where you can feel like you’re always taking steps forward and making a difference, then join Fresenius Medical Care. You won’t regret it.”