Development Journey: Nursing Manager Governance

Testimonial - Nursing Manager Governance

In her role as Nursing Manager for Governance, Gemma Dewsnap is responsible for infection control, clinical practice, policies, procedures, compliance and more. “On a day-to-day basis, I look at what we do, looking at incidents, how we can improve clinical practice, how we can make things better for our patients and staff.” She uses research to suggest what should be done, considering what’s achievable and creates the best outcome for everyone.


“I also chair the integrated clinical governance committee which looks at the different aspects of the business and how they come together to form our clinical governance strategy. It’s important that we make sure they’re in line with what they need to be doing from a regulatory perspective.”


Having joined Fresenius Medical Care in 2009, Gemma has progressed up the ladder during her nearly 12 years in the business. Gemma explained that “something that the business excels in is the role progression and development for employees. I’m now on my 7th job in the same business, all of which have been a natural progression. For Fresenius Medical Care, it’s not just about the opportunities that they put there, it’s the amazing support that they put in place to get you ready for the next step.”


Fresenius Medical Care UK strives to ensure that employees are receiving plenty of opportunities to gain experience and training both personally and professionally. Gemma has really appreciated this, saying, “in my time at Fresenius Medical Care I have been involved in training and mentoring, been given opportunity to complete 4 external courses and have been supported to get my honours degree. We’re supported to get the right training to develop in our role, for example, I was given specific infection control training to ensure I was skilled in that aspect of my role. Fresenius Medical Care puts it all there for you to be able to do the job you need to do, but also to develop you further for what you want to do next.”


As part of Gemma’s role, she runs a nursing practice group – a group of expert nurses in the business that come together to give feedback and look at what can be improved. Gemma enjoys being able to speak to the people who work day-to-day in the clinics, who can tell her what’s working and what isn’t. “Most recently, we’ve revised four of the key policies, and the feedback we’ve had from the clinics has been immense. It’s really nice to feel like you’re actually making a difference”


Having stayed at Fresenius Medical Care for over a decade, Gemma knew immediately what she liked best about the business, and that’s how cared for the employees are. “In the summer last year, a post-lockdown planning survey was sent out to all staff members, and we were asked for our thoughts in what has been working and what hasn’t throughout lockdown. It’s nice to feel like we’re really being listened to, and that the Board are working with the employees to help shape the future of the company.”