Anisha Ghani

“I couldn’t have done it without Fresenius Medical Care UK & Ireland’s flexibility” – Supporting our employees to develop their skills and gain qualifications.

At Fresenius Medical Care UK and Ireland, we encourage our employees to take advantage of our excellent Training and Development Programme and work to become the best they can possibly be. We recently spoke to newly qualified nurse, Anisha Ghani, who we supported to get her qualification.


Anisha explained, “I started working at Fresenius Medical Care UK & Ireland in the North Ormesby Clinic as a Dialysis Assistant six years ago and I was in that position for three years. I decided to apply to university to become a registered nurse and the business enabled me to work part time at the clinic while I completed my qualification.”


“I found it a bit difficult at first, but the clinic worked with me to help balance my time, reducing my shifts and ensuring I wasn’t overloaded, especially as it was mid-pandemic. In particular, my Clinic Manager, Janet, was really supportive throughout the whole process and made sure it was a smooth transition. I couldn’t have done it without Fresenius Medical Care UK & Ireland’s flexibility.”


The difference between the two roles has helped Anisha have more independence in her work. Anisha said, “At first I found the transition between the roles to be quite challenging, but with the help from the clinic team, I feel more confident now. I now have a lot more independence and responsibility, such as issuing medication to patients. Previously I would have had to ask one of the nurses to do it, but now I can do it myself.”


“Fresenius Medical Care UK & Ireland supports us and encourages us to believe in ourselves. Development is always an option, and I’m sure in a few more years I’ll be working towards another promotion. I’m very thankful for the company for supporting me and enabling me to go to university while working in the clinic.”


It’s great to hear that Anisha is feeling more confident in her role and that she felt supported during her time at university. Congratulations, Anisha, on gaining your qualification.