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Holiday Dialysis

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Having dialysis three times a week does not mean the end of foreign travel and holidays. “Holiday dialysis” gives you the opportunity to visit other dialysis centres for treatment and lets you enjoy the freedom to travel.

With all the Fresenius Medical Care dialysis centres around the world, there’s plenty to choose from. So, whether you want to travel abroad or within your own country, you can continue to enjoy an active life visiting new places or just relaxing in the sun!

All the dialysis centres in the NephroCare network are equipped to a comparable standard and offer the same levels of quality. By choosing a Fresenius Medical Care centre you have the opportunity of getting the NephroCare service you’re used to at home. The NephroCare team at your ‘home’ centre will make sure that the team at your holiday dialysis centre have all the medical and dialysis information they need. So you can concentrate on your holiday and enjoy yourself!

Take a look at our country specials section, where you will find detailed country information, such as the must-see places, insider tips and a country map with our network of centres.

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